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hectares burned in Europe back in 2022

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increase of detected fires in Europe from June to Augus, compared to the long term average of 2006-2021.

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euros are the estimated costs of fires in Europe in 2022.

Discover AerIAl-01:
The Future of Fire Prevention Technology

Using sophisticated artificial intelligence developed in house, the system is capable of predicting not only when a fire is likely to start but also where it is most likely to start.

AerIAl-01 is a system that will take countries to a new level of effectiveness in terms of forest clearance and is expected to dramatically reduce the number of fires.

The system is fed with data from the environment to be monitored thanks to an autonomous drone which collects part of the data necessary to generate these predictions.

At GRM we know that most fires are intentional and that is why aerIAl also takes into account the human factor when generating the predictions, placing special emphasis on the ease of access to the area or the proximity of agricultural areas.

The project


Autonomous drone


Predictive algorithm


Reaction time

The whole project started as an idea after the increasing numbers of fires that Spain suffered in august 2022, after we started thinking that prevention should have a key role in the next few years and that no advances have been made during the last years.
GRM was established to take part as a key player in the reduction of carbon emissions and climate change fighting against fires. Our objective is to be able to help countries to be more efficient when pruning natural areas and better surveillance strategies, so resources can be used when it is really needed.


Autonomous drone


Predictive algorithm


Reaction time

Our team

Marcelo Guanter

Mechanical engineer specialized in composite design, started his career as motor sport race engineer and after a few years in European racing while studying his bachelor, he decided to focus his career as designer. Since then has been learning skill in composite design to try to implement natural fibers into the world of composites.

Carlos Rivero

Environmentalist specialized in sustainability and adaptation to climate change. He has worked for more than 15 years as a consultant, participating in multiple projects related to climate change and sustainability processes. He also has extensive experience related to the management of greenhouse gas emissions, carbon footprint and environmental product declarations.

David Barbas

Machine learning engineer specialized in computer vision. He started his career in software development and after a few years, focused his career on applying AI to multidisciplinary problems. Since his last year of his bachelor’s degree he has been honing his skills in machine learning

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